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Create content never seen before

Sometimes you get tired of just playing the objective of the game. Take a break and get ideas from your viewers. Rewards for every tire you shoot out in PUBG, Eat a whole pizza before the first Baron in LoL, Sing a song after inhaling helium, the sky is the limit

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No two streamers are the same

So is your fanbase, create a content identity together to make it a more personalized experience and grow together

Make some monaaaaay

New way to receive donations and rewards than just simple one way communication. Streamers typically see 2~3 times more donations when attempting missions. The viewers experience value from being a part of your stream

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Easy way to engage with your fans

Customizable alerts, overlays, chatbot all available to make your viewers feel a part of the stream. All easy to set up.


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How missions work

Streamers get their own unique page where viewers can send new missions or join in on existing ones
When successfully completing a mission, you are rewarded by the viewers
Streamers can choose which missions they want to attempt, and can create custom ideas that fans can choose from

Play with left hand on mouse


No heal challenge


Win as Caustic


Win without killing anyone


Deal 7000 damage




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